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What you MUST know about helper’s salary

What is Basic Salary?

Basic salary is the monthly salary of a helper NOT inclusive of the off-day compensation.


What is Off day Compensation?

Under MoM guideline, a helper is entitled to 1 off day every week.  1 week consist of 7 days from Monday to Sunday.

There are usually 4 weeks in a month.The helper must be compensated for every off day that the helper works. Some months may have 5 weeks. The helper must still be compensated for the additional 5thweek if they work on their rest day.


How to calculate off day Compensation?

Off day Compensation = Basic salary / 26 days


Basic Salary is $650

Off day compensation = $650/ 26 = $25


How to Calculate helper’s salary?

Helper’s salary = Basic salary + Off Day Compensation


  • Helper has basic salary of $650
  • Helper wants 2 off day a month
  • The month has 4 weeks

Off day compensation = $650/26= $25

Number of off day helper works in a month = 4 – 2= 2 days

Helper’s salary =$650 + ($25 x 2) = $700

Helper will get $700 a month.

Do take note, for months that have 5 weeks the helper must be compensated for the additional 5th week if she works during her off day.

For months with 5 weeks, helper salary will be $700 + $25 = $725 a month.


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Reference link from MoM website


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